Abeking & Rasmussen

Dickie Bannenberg – Tradition All Over Again

No sign of conflict: Dickie Bannenberg enjoys talking about his infamous father Jon – trendsetter and shining example for generations of designers: genius, collector of art and automobiles, jazz-enthusiast and much more. By the time he died in 2002, Dickie had already paved his independent and successful path in the industry. His inherited curiosity and acquired experience enabled him to further establish the name Bannenberg after 40 years and 200 yachts. “New” is always the first impression and predicate of his work. New ideas, new materials, unconventional colours and shapes mark his style; the latest works for A&R show this: up until now a rarely realised alliance of traditional ship ambience and retro-influenced lounge flair. Courageous and tasteful – a very promising combination.  

Dickie Bannenberg