Abeking & Rasmussen

Coast Guard

A&R has been a pioneer in the development of Deep Vee hulls which are state of the art for fast and seaworthy patrol boats. A broad range of designs up to mini-corvette size and speeds of 40+ knots is available for navies and coastguard.
The yard built the three new 66m patrol vessels for the German Coastguard (Bundespolizei). Their heighly efficient propulsion plant minimizes both expenses for fuel as well as maintenance costs. Naturally, Abeking & Rasmussen offers also patrol craft based on SWATH@A&R technology. Due to its extraordinary seaworthiness this technology is the solution for surveillance operations in the Exclusive Economic tone (EEZ).

66m Offshore Patrol Vessel "Bad Bramstedt"

"Bad Bramstedt" and "Bayreuth" of the German Coastguard

66m Offshore Patrol Vessel "Bayreuth"

66m Offshore Patrol Vessel "Bad Bramstedt"

26m Coastguard Vessel

33m Coastguard Vessel