Abeking & Rasmussen

Donald Starkey – Elegance and Emotion

An affinity to ships? Not at all. This yacht designer, who has really managed to make his mark in our modern times, initially based his career on land as an architect. At the age of 23 he was involved in several large projects, extremely lucrative and very, very scary as Donald dryly states. But only another 20 years later, at the beginning of the 80s, he was motivated to change fields. His inspiration comes from Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe and from the epochs of Rock ‘n’ Roll or Coco Chanel – always icons from times of change, that have over time become classics. A development that Donald’s oeuvre is heading towards. After all, his work is synonymous for a very unique and timeless elegance that by now adorns yachts all around the world. “Lady Sheridan” for example was realised by Donald and A&R. In a very friendly and creative cooperation by the way, something that is easy to recognise in the outcome.

Donald Starkey

D. Starkey