Abeking & Rasmussen

The Evolution in Shipbuilding

In the nearly 6.500 yachts, boats and ships for Navies, Coast Guards and Authorities which have been launched since 1907, longevity and excellent cruise and sail characteristics reveal the superior craftsmanship and technical potential of the shipyard. This applies to the initial years, when mainly wooden ships were built as well as to the last decades of steel and aluminium ships. In cooperation with research institutes, A&R has developed a number of technical innovations (e.g. for the use of lighter material for hull construction, special welding and production techniques as well as effective sound-damping systems). In the navy shipbuilding worldwide standards have been set through the innovation of using non-magnetizable steel (NMST) for hulls of MCMV. The latest highlight of our innovative work is the design and construction of ships with SWATH technology for a wide range of operations.

"Germania VI" - First Sailing Yacht with a hull of aluminum

"Kalamoun" - Fastest diesel engine yacht with 46 knots

SM 343 "Überherrn" first Minesweeper with a hull of non-magnetizable Steel

Last Sailing Yacht of mahogany - "Hetairos"

Latest development - SWATH@A&R Pilot Tender "Döse"

Patrol Vessel with a modern Hybrid Propulsion "Bayreuth"

Milestone in Yachtbuilding - SWATH@A&R Expedition Yacht "Silver Cloud"

New Dimension - largest Motoryacht "Eminence"

Largest SWATH@A&R - 60m Pilot Stationship "Elbe"