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A HUGE STEP AHEAD – the launch of Aviva

On the second weekend in January Abeking & Rasmussen launched the largest yacht in their history.

New and XXL: The huge yacht gracefully rolls out on tracks from the enormous shed. A&R prepared a sophisticated launching system for the new AVIVA. A large pontoon from Norway had been shipped in and moored in front of the new building shed. A special hydraulic platform trailer with 60 wheels combined with a winch moved the 98m yacht slowly but steadily onto the pontoon. This had been prepared and planned over the last weeks.

Efficiency and elegance

Perfection is of the essence: This not only applies to the launching but also to the entire project. The design of the new AVIVA builds on the success of the existing yacht of the same name. Once again the award winning team of Reymond Langton Design were chosen. Working with designer Toby Silverton on the exterior they developed a sleek, characterful and elegant profile. Inside they created a modern yet mystical interior which conceals an ocean going first – a full sized padel tennis court, 20m x 10m x6m high. The powerful looking yet curvaceous hull is the result of extensive new research and testing which ensures superior seakeeping abilities combined with a 20% decrease in drag. Less engine output is required, fuel consumption is dramatically reduced and the maximum speed is a full 20 knots. A very special feature is the hybrid drive system: it allows the yacht to run at up to 11 knots without the use of the main engines, using electric motors only. This is smooth, silent and environmentally beneficial.

A&R sales director Till von Krause is happy not last because of the timing: As a result of a vast planning program, A&R managed to launch this yacht within 33 months from signing of the contract. Very little time given the size of this project. Due to further detailed planning, A&R will be able to deliver future yachts in less time. So today is a very special day in two respects: the successful launch, and opening a new chapter in the yard history. As soon as possible sea trials will be started and the outfitting of the yacht will be finalized. AVIVA will be delivered to her Owner in spring 2017.

Date 13. March 2017
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