ABEKING & RASMUSSEN celebrates more than its birthday this month

Founded in October 1907 the German based shipyard is looking back to 114 years of ship- and yachtbuilding. Although 114 is not a round anniversary this year is a special occasion to celebrate: It has been the most versatile year since the company has been founded – by far.

On the one hand there is the current order book. On the other hand there are many additional reasons to celebrate in their own rights:

The 118 m length megayacht in its stage of outfitting is the largest ship A&R has ever build. She will be delivered to her Owner next year.

But that is not all. We proudly confirm she will get an even larger „sister“. A contract for a 120+ m was signed this summer.

Abeking owners are part of the A&R family and many of them return: So far this year 9 refits have arrived at the shipyard, some new clients included and there are more refit projects to follow soon.

Except from yachts this year’s additions to Abeking & Rasmussen’s order book include three Multi Purpose Vessels with more than 90 m length each. These are some of the most innovative and challenging projects the shipyard has ever worked on. Technical challenge: Use in LNG operation in hazardous – flammable or toxic – environments.

Abeking & Rasmussen has managed to contract two mine hunting vessels for the Indonesian Navy. The next generation of mine hunting vessels is 62 m long and made of high-strength and non-magnetic steel produced using an innovative laser welding process.

Yacht new builds, refits, multi purpose vessels, mine hunters, LNG propulsion systems, laser welding – it seems like a lot of different challenges the shipyard has to work on. How does Abeking & Rasmussen deal with this versatile and challenging order book? 

„Working on a range of projects and technologies for different clients and purposes has always been a strength of Abeking & Rasmussen“ explains Matthias Hellmann, CFO. „Besides certain synergies we always found it very helpful to gain expertise with technologies in one market before these things where even asked for in other markets“.

With great excitement the shipyard is looking forward to new opportunities while confidently facing the challenges.

Date 22. October 2021
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