Monaco Yacht Show

Heritage and innovation can transcend time to create harmony. Being able to offer added value to ever-changing demand means building on the proven, while enhancing the overall experience to be more comfortable and sustainable. Presented to the public’s eye at the Monaco Yacht Show, TIME takes yachting to a new level by introducing the explorer “extra” factor: An array of tenders and toys, a submarine, extensive spa lounge and owner’s area, neptune lounge, the list goes on and on.

Revealing a new design in Monaco is always special: The excitement in the air, the anticipation for what is to come, meeting business partners, and of course, getting the opportunity to show a project that has been designed, developed, and optimised for over a year. A profile designed for usability, elevating the yachting experience by combining luxury travel with the freedom of choice, and the thrilling sense of discovering new horizons.

We are offering our clients a true benefit by going off the beaten track. TIME serves as a platform to inspire the potential owner’s creativity, allowing Abeking & Rasmussen and us to tailor the desired experience around TIME’s DNA.
Valentin Weigand, Valentin Design Sur Mesure 

It is a very satisfying when an idea comes to an outstanding result like this, after a year of hard work. Looking back at an intensive period of development, the explorer yacht “TIME” was born. I am very proud of the successful project launch during MYS 2022 with its features derived of single items of our delivered yachts combined with the very innovative design of Valentin Design. It was a real pleasure working with the swiss based design team.
Björn Benecke, Sales manager Yacht department A&R

The reveal can be deemed a success as following feedback proved the market’s need for exceptional, out of the ordinary explorer yachts built to the highest quality standards.

Date 1. October 2022
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