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Our skilled human resources are complemented by an outstanding infrastructure: A&R Services have halls for super yachts up to 125 m long, as well as a range of different workshops and tools that can cope with standard as well as highly specialised requirements. On top of this, we have our ‘express team’ of experts, who can make their way to virtually any location in the world to resolve any issues without the boat even having to move! These extensive services are all made possible with our meticulously compiled documentation pertaining to each and every ship. We record all repair work carried out, every detail and each spare part – so that we are not just ‘virtually’ there for you, but can supply spare parts very quickly, too.

At a glance


· 6 heated halls, each containing two fitting bays

· ground-controlled cranes

· gas supply, together with welding fume systems

· dust and gas extraction systems

· wet dock with synchrolift

· load capacity of the synchrolift of at least 2,000 tonnes

· transverse rail-mounted transporter

· quick transfer of boats to the construction bays/halls

  • Documentation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Spare parts supply
  • Ship certificates / Measurements on Site
  • Documentation
  • System description
  • Technical manuals
  • Master Manuals
  • On board spare parts lists
  • Operation manual
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Production hangars for ships of up to 125 m length
  • Excellent infrastructure on site
  • Specialised workshops and tools
  • Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Maintenance and repair services worldwide
  • Meticulous documentation of all services
  • Maintenance plan / schedule
  • Refurbishments and alterations
  • Spare parts supply
  • Technology, timing and transport
  • Complete control possibility
  • Uninterrupted product tracking
  • storage requirement spare parts
  • electronic materials management
  • spare parts stock planning and organisation
  • Ship certificates / Measurements on Site
  • on site testing for ship list
  • immaculate and clear ship documentation including the necessary ship certificates
  • energy balance
  • stability documentation
  • control system configuration


The best connections

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Daniel Reichwald Managing Director
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Heiko Ludwigs After Sales Service | Planned Maintenance · Documentation
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Jan-Michel Klenke After Sales Service | Spare parts
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Hannes Köhler Project Manager
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