The headlong development in the fields of manufacturing technology and the use of materials in recent decades has had direct consequences for the professional profile of our shipbuilders. The boatbuilders of former years have become highly specialised craftsmen and technicians, with a wide range of experience and variety of responsibilities that are hardly to be met with anywhere else. So a training position at Abeking & Rasmussen offers the opportunity of embarking on a vocational path which challenges individuals to give their utmost, and will undoubtedly remain interesting for decades to come. In addition, you can be sure that your work is going to be valued and appreciated to an exceptional degree. 





A company like Abeking & Rasmussen which has been engaged in the building of yachts, naval vessels and special ships for over a century is hardly going to rely exclusively on tradition and its excellent reputation. On the contrary, it needs to keep on adapting to the changing demands of the times – or better still, be at the forefront of new developments. What remains unchanged, on the other hand, is our traditional love of detail and an exceptionally high awareness of quality standards. This is only made possible by the passionate commitment of our highly qualified specialists. So we invite you warmly to join us – you too can become a part of the A&R family!  



Bachelor of Engineering in Shipbuilding and Marine Technology, together with vocational training as a construction mechanic specialising in shipbuilding (in partnership with HS Bremen [the Bremen University of Applied Sciences]). 

Bachelor of Engineering in Ship Technology and Marine Mechanical Engineering, together with vocational training as an industrial mechanic specialising in mechanical and systems engineering (in partnership with HS Flensburg [Flensburg University of Applied Sciences]).   




We are always looking for well-qualified additions to the team in the fields of shipbuilding, fittings and equipment, electrotechnology and mechanical engineering.


Please send your unsolicited application to our Head of HR, Mr Schwerdter, at



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