The Owners wanted to have a welcoming and warm yacht interior after practicing very extreme sport during the day like heli-skiing (…). The challenge was to create a cozy interior without using too much dark wood in order to still have a sporty, fresh and young look.



Abeking & Rasmussen: Every custom yacht is different. Is CLOUDBREAK even more different?

Guillaume Rolland: CLOUDBREAK pushes interior yacht design beyond boundaries.

Many traditional codes have been broken in order to provide more for the owner. Every single centimeter, door, shape and use has been analyzed and improved. Layouts offer strong dynamic shapes and all interior spaces looks larger.

A&R: How intense was the client’s influence in terms of the overall style of the interior?

GR: The client was very keen on not having dark finishes. The interiors respect his request but we convinced him to keep somedark tones in order to not have too “beige“ as a result.

A&R: In former times, yacht interiors had a maritime appearance. Should modern yachts have that as well?

GR: Without being anecdotical, I think it is important for a yacht interior not to look like a luxury condominium.

I‘d rather take inspiration from smallyachts that can be boosted in a larger space, rather than try and fit a house spirit in a small box.

A&R: Designers tend to quote themselves in terms of design, materials and so on. What is your attitude towards this?

GR: There are two words that are absolutely forbidden in our studio: DESIGN and CONCEPT. We prefer the Vitruvius principle “UTILITAS-VENUSTAS-FIRMITAS (usable-beautiful-durable)“.

A&R: What was the most challenging task on CLOUDBREAK?

GR: Probably on the sundeck, the metal and glass case/display that integrate together the huge TV, the high performance speaker and the transparent lift.

A&R: What is the most interesting detail in your mind?

GR: On the lower deck guest cabin, the way the doors are invisible and concealed and the shower sliding door frame in front of the glass wall.

A&R: Thank you very much.

GR: Thank you.



Date 3. February 2018
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