Into the Future with 3D – A&R welds moulded ship sections with laser

Maritime Coordinator Brackmann starts production

Abeking & Rasmussen Ship- and Yacht Yard SE (A&R), located in Lower Saxony’s Lemwerder, starts production today in Berlin-Spandau of their first ship sections using the newly developed 3D laser welding facilities. The robotic system is able to weld three-dimensionally formed ship structures- a true innovation in European shipbuilding industry. Thanks to this new process A&R is now able to produce lighter ships with lower fuel consumption. 

Norbert Brackmann, the Federal Coordinator for Maritime Industry, starts production together with A&R chairman Hans Schaedla and Photon CEO Steffen Neumann. “The ground-breaking 3D-welding technology demonstrates yet again the maritime industry’s innovative energy. This, to date, unique process isn’t only time- and cost-effective, but also turns welding into a high-tech process. That is why we are justly funding a quarter of this new technology’s budget out of our programme “Innovative shipbuilding safeguards high-quality jobs”.” declared the Maritime Coordinator Brackmann in his address at the opening. 

The production start is an important milestone for the mid-sized shipyard, currently employing 470 people, precisely because it is now able to produce high quality hulls while reducing material consumption. “Through the attainable production quality we are now able to even further improve the quality of our newest commissions, as well as reduce the production time and stay on top of the global competition”, underscores Hans Schaedla. The production of laser-welded hull sections launched today is intended for our biggest commission yet- the over 100 m long Megayacht.

Our development partner Photon AG operates primarily in railway and automotive industries, which use considerably thinner metal plates than what is needed in shipbuilding. “We have developed this new technology together and for the moment installed it at the Photon site in Berlin. Long-term, we plan to use this new technology at our own location in Lemwerder”, explains A&R chairman and gives thanks to the Maritime Coordinator for Federal Government funding and support.

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Date 17. December 2019
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