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Refit »Saint Nicolas«

A&R Services welcomes “Saint Nicolas” for a comprehensive refit at the shipyard in Lemwerder. A&R Services is excited to announce the arrival of a prestigious 70-meter motor yacht from 2007 for a comprehensive refit last week.

This magnificent vessel has chosen A&R Services as its trusted partner for an extensive refurbishment, including a notable extension on the swimming platform as well as a new gym and spa on the sundeck.


The project will be managed by the independent family office, Arrow Yachts, aiming to elevate the yacht to new heights of luxury. Arrow Yachts brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure the success of this refit endeavor.
Undergoing both exterior and interior transformations, the refit will be a collaborative effort between renowned design studios. Pascoli International, known for its innovative approach to yacht design, will oversee the exterior enhancements, ensuring that the vessel’s sleek lines and elegant profile are maintained while integrating modern elements. Interior works will be expertly handled by the esteemed Patrick Knowles Design, renowned for their attention to detail and sophisticated aesthetics. The swim platform extension has been designed by the American naval architecture firm Murray & Associates.




“This refit project represents a significant milestone for A&R Services,” said Daniel Reichwald, Managing Director of A&R Services. “We are honored to have been chosen as the preferred partner for revitalizing this iconic Motoryacht. Our team is committed to delivering an exceptional job and exceeding the owner’s expectations.”

The refit project is expected to take 8 months to complete, during which A&R Services will provide comprehensive support and services to ensure a seamless and efficient process from start to finish to achieve the owner’s vision for the vessel.

Date 7. March 2024
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