A&R Services – the speed squad that delivers perfection 



A&R yachts and ships destined for the navy and authorities have a high non-material value, on top of their material value – and our vessels retain both of these values. This is because every single boat is developed and nurtured into a member of the A&R family, and once in the family, always in the family – even years after leaving her shipyard of birth. We provide all customers with comprehensive servicing, which corresponds to the high level of quality for which our shipyard is renowned.


Servicing, maintenance, repairs or refitting 

Whether you require minor maintenance or a major refit, the experts at A&R respond personally to your needs – helped by the fact that they were often involved in the building of your boat in the first place. Alongside high-tech expertise gained through the construction of navy ships and a presence in major yachting locations throughout the world, A&R servicing provides customers with a multitude of advantages:

 comprehensive listing of all spare parts and their stock levels 

  •   extensive knowledge gained from in-house manufacturing and construction 
  •   advice that represents the most convenient and best technical (and economic) solution. 



Owners and customers can rest assured that they always receive outstanding service at a standard price, as well as efficient preservation of value. 

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