WHAT IT IS MADE FOR Perfection made possible by the nifty crew

No other product in the world manages to combine in such a way spiritual and material values as a ship. To cherish, maintain and modernize it, by means of an individual and immaculate refit, is with the independent subsidiary A&R Services in the best of hands.

  • Documentation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Spare parts supply
  • Ship certificates / Measurements on Site
  • Documentation
  • System description
  • Technical manuals
  • Master Manuals
  • On board spare parts lists
  • Operation manual
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Production hangars for ships of up to 125 m length
  • Excellent infrastructure on site
  • Specialised workshops and tools
  • Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Maintenance and repair services worldwide
  • Meticulous documentation of all services
  • Maintenance plan / schedule
  • Refurbishments and alterations
  • Spare parts supply
  • Technology, timing and transport
  • Complete control possibility
  • Uninterrupted  product tracking
  • storage requirement spare parts
  • electronic materials management
  • spare parts stock planning and organisation
  • Ship certificates / Measurements on Site
  • on site testing for ship list
  • immaculate and clear ship documentation including the necessary ship certificates
  • energy balance
  • stability documentation
  • control system configuration
One-stop all-inclusive service

A&R yachts, navy and government agency ships have next to their material also a high idealistic value for us – and they keep it. Every single ship that leaves our shipyard is part of the Abeking & Rasmussen ever growing family, even long after they have left the Lemwerder yard. We provide a comprehensive service, distinguished by the same quality that our shipyard is acclaimed for. Be it the smaller maintenance jobs or the big conversions: the A&R experts take every single job seriously and personally, very often because they were involved in the creation of the ship at some point. In addition to the hi-tech expertise in navy shipbuilding and presence in popular yacht locations worldwide, A&R Services offer a number of pivotal advantages:


· the flawless documentation of all spare parts

· consistent stocking of spare parts

· advanced know-how through own production and construction

· the flawless documentation of all spare parts

· technically and cost effective superior solution approaches

· competent proposals through qualified and experienced consulting


For owners and commissioning authorities this denotes constant guarantee of exceptional services and efficient value retention at a general fee. Visit us at our ►A&R Services page!


A&R Services
About A&R Services
Five good reasons for

A&R Services


… is the number of ships A&R has built. A true wealth of experience, valuable and at the same time cost-effective.


… pages of documentation we have accumulated over the years, making available complete information on repairs, parts, installations and alterations.


Our hangars are constructed for ships of up to 125 m length, granting enough space for the perfect service. In all shapes and sizes.


Three managing directors in the whole of our corporate history, all three from a single family – a form of continuity which gives the shipyard a lot of flexibility.


… stands for dialogue. A confidential and bespoke discussion between a customer and a competent and dedicated contact partner who understands and interprets customer requests and needs both technically and personally.

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