Frankenthal (332) Class

Frankenthal (332) Class

54 meter minehunter Frankenthal (332) class

The Frankenthal class minehunters have to a large extent identical platform design as somewhat older Hameln class minesweepers (Common-Platform Design). Whereas the minesweepers have to pass over the mines in order to engage, minehunters search the ocean floor ahead of the vessel for suspicious objects using sonar technology. These are then identified and destroyed either by divers or remote operated underwater vehicles (ROV). One of the advantages of minehunters is that they stay out of the danger zone as they do not have to move closely to the mines.

With the construction of these vessels, Abeking & Rasmussen has accumulated a wealth of experience that makes it possible for the shipyard to choose the most efficient minehunter systems and implement them on board.


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1992 – 1998 Year
54,4 Metres
178 Feet
6431 – 6445 Yard No.
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