Lady Sheridan

Motor yacht
Lady Sheridan

Team building

Initially, the Texan owner of Lady Sheridan wanted to build his yacht on his own. To this purpose he conducted extensive research, viewed numerous ships and met with experts. Inspired by one such visit to Excellence III the owner ended up in faraway Lemwerder. And what a rewarding journey it ended up being: Abeking & Rasmussen turned out to be the right kind of partner for such an undertaking. In the course of 12 consecutive visits to the shipyard a truly bespoke ship was developed. Lady Sheridan’s conceptual focal point is on hosting and entertaining guests so that a superior yacht offering open spaces as well as privacy was created. 


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2006 Year
58 Metres
190 Feet
1,092 Gross tonnage
6477 Yard No.
Exterior Design by Donald Starkey
Interior Design by Donald Starkey
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