Aviva 2007

Motor yacht
Aviva 2007

AVIVA – razor-sharp ship

A more cutting-edge appearance for a yacht is hardly imaginable. The bow rears up like a knife out of the water. This alone has a jaw dropping quality, but more so a design and technical purpose an extremely long waterline, a whole nine meters longer than in conventional bows, which noticeably improves the sailing quality as the ship glides through the water much more comfortably even at high speeds. The interior is, likewise, characterised by the unusual, framed by great art and minute details, a varied colour scheme and a plethora of materials. Aviva’s bold extravagance caused quite a furore when first delivered and was crowned with her nomination for the ‘World Superyacht Award 2008’ in Venice. And increased requests made at the shipyard.


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2007 Year
68 Metres
223 Feet
2,047 Gross tonnage
6475 Yard No.
Exterior Design by Reymond Langton Design
Interior Design by Reymond Langton Design
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