Pulau Fani 731

Naval Vessels
Pulau Fani 731

A state-of-the-art mine warfare vessel for the Indonesian Navy

Due to the material used the boat has a minimal magnetic signature and the material has also proven to be excellent in the event of damage or fire. In addition, shock resistance, e.g. to mine explosions, is guaranteed to last longer than any other material, even after decades of service.

The bow thruster and variable-pitch propeller not only ensure excellent manoeuvrability, especially during minehunting operations; the maximum speed of more than 20 knots also opens up other operational possibilities, such as the protection of maritime borders. According to the principle “Manned in the minefield if necessary –Unmanned if possible” the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) in combination with a Hull Mounted Sonar ensures that all phases of the mine warfare chain (detection, classification, identification, destruction) can be successfully completed.


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2023 Year
62 Metres
203 Feet
6508 YARD NO.
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