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Contemporary and timeless

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Soaring consequently relinquishes with all things pretentious. Instead, the 68-meter superyacht’s design subsists on effervescent coherency and integrated, rather than exposed, style elements.

Soaring adheres to a holistic approach, where it is precisely the opposites that form and embody the design. Thus, the deliberate material reduction contrasts with the abundance of possibilities. The superyacht boasts an impressive library, a bar with an integrated Jacuzzi, a Beach Club and a swimming platform. Soaring’s allure lies in the harmonious unison of form, functionality and the realization of sophisticated owner requests, whose great commitment is reflected in the superyacht’s success.

▶  A closer look to Soaring

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2020 Year
68 Metres
223 Feet
1,541 Gross Tonnage
6506 Yard No.
Exterior Design by Focus Yacht Design
Interior Design by Focus Yacht Design
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