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A true mass movement: 500,000 people are on the move on cruise ships every day. And as always, when a trend is here to stay, it creates new challenges. Out of the long familiar arises a desire for something that is different. Abeking & Rasmussen took this ambition a step further and developed a new generation of cruise ships. For those guests that want to unwind in style. And adventurously. 

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Adventure ships – Expedition Liner, Cruise Tender and Yacht Cruiser
Cruise ships

Explore the unknown, experience new things, travel exclusively: expedition cruises, whether to the Arctic or the southern destinations are in high demand. Abeking & Rasmussen develops cruise ships that meet those desires and expectations: Expedition Linder, Cruise Tender and Yacht Cruiser.

What do they have in common? They are all comparatively smaller in dimensions but bigger in capabilities. They can sail to destinations that are denied to others because of their sheer size. Moreover, the Expedition Liner and the Cruise Tender are distinguished in their extraordinary seakeeping qualities.


Entdecken Sie SWATH@AR

The SWATH@A&R technology, the pioneering development from the Lemwerder yard, reduces the rolling motion of the ship and gives it more stability in all weather conditions. The result: an enjoyable voyage even in rough seas, with plenty of comfort, but without any seasickness. 

Instead, take the time to enjoy the hitherto unique features of the expedition liner: the underwater bar Neptune Lounge with a view of underwater marine life or the huge panoramic windows offering 180 degrees views. On the other hand, the yacht cruiser is based on a classical monohull design. It boasts a sensational zero emission footprint, as it emits nothing else but steam. The cleanest possible means of travel.

Cruise Ships
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