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When designing and building naval vessels Abeking & Rasmussen merges the spirit of innovation with the art of engineering in order to meet the always new challenges and growing demands of the navies. The Lemwerder shipyard puts a strong focus on the cost-benefit ratio in order to achieve an individual budget friendly solution.


Traditionally future focused
Naval vessels

In naval shipbuilding the expectations of quality, functionality and profitability are particularly high. Abeking & Rasmussen has been working with navies internationally for decades now and in that time has learned how to meet all the necessary requirements, be it the construction of monohull ships or the employment of SWATH@A&R technology. The latter is the key to extremely stable vessels even at high seas.


Discover SWATH@A&R

A future that will see work at sea safer, simpler and more effective. As a sign of consistent further development Abeking & Rasmussen additionally expanded the SWATH@A&R technology into a modular system thereby offering a maximal range of application at minimised cost. All in order to make future duties and tasks possible even today.



A | Progress made in Germany – for navies worldwide

The history of Abeking & Rasmussen is one of research, minutely planned progress and exceptional cooperation with international navies. That is how the shipyard was able to build an excellent reputation in the development and construction of minesweepers, minehunters, patrol vessels and special ships. Abeking & Rasmussen stands for good success and new developments in all these divisions and as a world leader in construction of minehunters.


B | The project management: exactly the right choice

Abeking & Rasmussen is capable of completely implementing 100 percent of requested signatures and features. However, they are not always mandatory. A flexible, far-sighted and active project management makes sure that the chosen components match each other perfectly and does not allow for any weak spots. For ships that are ahead of their time. 


C | The Abeking & Rasmussen concept: The perfect fit

Avoid compromises on quality at all costs, but keep an eye on costs at all times. With this guiding principle Abeking & Rasmussen succeeds in flawlessly synchronising and scaling down all the different features, functions and requirements instead of simply dropping some out for cost reasons. The result: a congenial ship, suitable for all its duties and within an appropriate budget.


The new APEX-Concept


Design modules of the APEX concept make an individual configuration of the ships in the project phase possible. This way the vessels are optimally equipped for their future application.


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In fast motion …


… or how the right timing makes the ship construction faster and more cost-effective. Timing, a temporal synchronisation of all tasks, is the most important element in turning a ‘work in progress’ into a functioning ship. At Abeking & Rasmussen such a fundamental task is allocated a special place of its own: the so-called timing room, a result of the process optimisation through the internationally renowned consulting firm Porche Consulting. Experts of all trades work here to define the total of all steps and advances needed. Exactly what, where, how and when happens is fixed and appointed a deadline. More transparency, better coordination and a flawless performance.


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Abeking und Rasmussen Illustration Taktraum im Yachtbau

New anti-shock system: an independent achievement
Naval Vessels

Reacting proactively with solutions to new challenges belongs to Abeking & Rasmussen’s well proven company goal and that is the reason why the shipyard invests continuously good a lot of know-how and capital into new developments. An excellence example of the shipyard’s initiative is the development of a completely new anti-shock system that withstands even extreme detonations without any structural deformations. A worldwide unique and as of yet unattained result, achieved through the yard’s own research, detonation tests in the Baltic Sea and at their own cost. Abeking & Rasmussen is yet again able to spectacularly confirm its reputation as world-class builder of world’s safest ships.  


Naval Vessels
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