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“With the enormous dimensions of today’s superyachts, you wouldn’t actually suppose that space is something that has to be planned in, something you have to fight for repeatedly. But that is just how it is. Above all the stowage space is valuable, it plays an increasingly important role in planning the layout. One reason for this is the increasing number of facilities offered on board. Yachts are increasingly becoming platforms for the widest range of activities – mostly sports. So bulky objects like tenders, water toys, skis and snowboards, limousine tenders and racing bicycles, not to mention diving suits and other kinds of clothing and equipment, have to be stowed as economically as possible – but they still need to be accessible, and must be accommodated in an elegant way, without being too conspicuous, obstructing the gangways or spoiling the elegance of the ship’s appearance. 

Main Deck Aft

On CLOUDBREAK we achieved exceptionally successful results. It was a sporting challenge, but in the last resort a highly satisfying task, investing so much work in the planning of the spaces and passages. In my view, the heli-skiing facilities are a good example of the effectiveness of the layout. Coming back from the mountains, the helicopter lands on board. The guests disembark and walk directly into the warm and inviting salon. Here they can stow away their boots and ski suits, to relax over a drink, while watching on a giant flatscreen the Go Pro recordings which they have just filmed. Space and comfort are admirably coordinated here, and the same is the case when you look at the layout planning on CLOUDBREAK. We have just one passage-way running along the whole length of the ship on a single level, and it goes right through the engine room. It’s a very guest-friendly solution – you don’t have to go up and down stairs to reach the engine room, as is the case on many other ships. With CLOUDBREAK I am particularly and repeatedly struck by the way in which it’s the details, in the end, that make the yacht as a whole a supreme success story.“


Date 23. July 2017
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