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Yacht building is a bit like music: you need a vision for the entire work, a variety of performers – who exhibit virtuosity or experience, based on the given requirements – and you need a conductor to coordinate the different players and regulate the dynamics of the working flow. The most important thing, with a view to making a ‘work in progress’ into a masterpiece, is the timing – the synchronisation in time of all the activities involved. A sense of timing that needs to be repeatedly practised and reviewed, both in every individual performer and in the entire ensemble. At Abeking & Rasmussen there is even a special office provided for this fundamental task – the ‘Taktraum’ or Timing Room. This is where the experts of all the crafts come together regularly, to define absolutely all the steps of the progress and the degree of progress achieved. What is going to happen, when, where and how – everything is set in stone and assigned a date.

Whether it is a matter of the 350,000 working hours, the 16,000 systems or 280 kilometres of wire that were needed for the building of AVIVA – the first ship to be built using this system – the result is more transparency, better coordination and impeccable performance.

  1. Right from the start of planning, it is possible to state the exact day on which the new ship will be finished.
  2. The speed of the completion is increased by 40%.
  3. Costs can be significantly reduced by 10%.


Date 24. July 2018
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