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To get to know new worlds without losing sight of the old values, means that we discover new possibilities in new challenges and thereby develop new qualities. This is a maxim that A&R lives by. To this end, we intensify our long existing approach, to take established solutions a step further with the courage to stand our ground in unknown territory. That is why we will always continue to anchor our ships in the market, so as to act as beacons and torchbearers of things yet to come. Anything less than this is simply not enough.


01. TIME
Monaco Yacht Show: A&R and Valentin Design’s reflections on TIME

Heritage and innovation can transcend time to create harmony. Being able to offer added value to ever-changing demand means building on the proven, while enhancing the overall experience to be more comfortable and sustainable. Presented to the public’s eye at the Monaco Yacht Show, TIME takes yachting to a new level by introducing the explorer “extra” factor: An array of tenders and toys, a submarine, extensive spa lounge and owner’s area, neptune lounge, the list goes on and on.

Revealing a new design in Monaco is always special: The excitement in the air, the anticipation for what is to come, meeting business partners, and of course, getting the opportunity to show a project that has been designed, developed, and optimised for over a year. A profile designed for usability, elevating the yachting experience by combining luxury travel with the freedom of choice, and the thrilling sense of discovering new horizons.

We are offering our clients a true benefit by going off the beaten track. TIME serves as a platform to inspire the potential owner’s creativity, allowing Abeking & Rasmussen and us to tailor the desired experience around TIME’s DNA.
Valentin Weigand, Valentin Design Sur Mesure 

It is a very satisfying when an idea comes to an outstanding result like this, after a year of hard work. Looking back at an intensive period of development, the explorer yacht “TIME” was born. I am very proud of the successful project launch during MYS 2022 with its features derived of single items of our delivered yachts combined with the very innovative design of Valentin Design. It was a real pleasure working with the swiss based design team.
Björn Benecke, Sales manager Yacht department A&R

The reveal can be deemed a success as following feedback proved the market’s need for exceptional, out of the ordinary explorer yachts built to the highest quality standards.

Focus Yacht Design developes 60m SWATH yacht on Abeking & Rasmussen platform

Focus Yacht Design offers a preview on its highly unusual SWATH yacht concept, based on a proven platform by Abeking & Rasmussen. The 60-metre SWATH yacht VENTANA is based on a SWATH pilot vessel that has been build by A&R and is successfully in service for many years. SWATH stands for Small Waterplan Area Twin Hull and stands for a type of ship that ensures independence from sea state due to the principle that puts almost 100% of the displacement below the waterline. The small displacement in the waterline is so insignificant that a wave cannot lift or move the vessel as a conventional ship.

Image: Focus Yacht Design

Since a SWATH is always a twin hull it offers an abundance of space. It is a challange to wrap a 25m beam on just 6o m lenght into an attractive package, but Focus Yacht Design went for a bold go-anywhere design that takes advantage of the large surface area by incorporating panoramic windows all around.

This type of vessel can take you anywhere and this should be reflected in its appearance. Straight surfaces and sharp edges quote design aspects of stealth objects and refrain from trying to be lovely.
Thomas Mühe, CEO Focus Yacht Design

Image: Focus Yacht Design

The projects true potential however can only be experienced from inside. The elevated Main Deck and the 25m beam allow for a spectucalar forward facing lounge which is two decks high and almost full beam. The forward view is unlike anything seen before on a yacht. The Owner’s appartments are connected to the lounge on the upper level.

How about whatching life from another perspective? The „Nemo Lounge“ located in one of the submarine-like hulls offers views to the marine wildlife while the setup itself invites to a casual drin kor even an intimate party with a full bar and a dance floor.

Image: Focus Yacht Design

It goes without saying that a yacht like this offers a fully certified helicopter landing facility. What makes it special in this case is that it is adjascent to a lobby / greenhouse that is 2 decks high and even features an Olive tree.

Image: Focus Yacht Design

The mere dimensions of the spaces combined with the muted movements of the vessel can make you forget that you are on a ship. But in reality this is a yacht with all the amenities one could ask for: Beach Clubs, large Guest Cabins, multiple lounges, versatile outside areas and up to 18 Crew Cabins. The yacht is only 60m long – but ist gross tonnage is well above 2400!


Is it a space ship? Is it a “Transformers”-version of praying mantis? It is hard to decide at first sight what Hydro-SWASH actually is. Hardly surprising, because the newest SWASH concept from Abeking & Rasmussen floats, or better said, flies in a class of its own. What distinguishes the Hydro-SWASH from all other ships in the world is her performance. She hovers high above the waves instead of conventionally gliding through them. Flying and sailing become one in this truly unparalleled yacht experience that stays undiminished even at the highest speeds. Thanks to its SWATH genes, the futuristic Day Cruiser remains calm even in stormy seas. Apart from that, the Hydro SWASH will cause quite a stir with …


Shall we have a forward observation lounge, an owners cabin with a view of the sea or just plenty of room for guests, family and work? All these are thoroughly desirable amenities, but they come with a flip side – they all place demands on the available space. How about we just make the ship longer? It’s the obvious solution, but not necessarily the best one. For many owners, the quantum leap from say a 55-metre to a 75-metre yacht just doesn’t come into question, if only on economic grounds – based on the purchase price, along with all the incidental and consequential costs (berths, crew requirements and so on). How about adding space by raising the height? Again that is going to have its problems. Piling deck upon deck may be effective, but it doesn’t look all that good, because the ratio of height to length threatens to get out of kilter. The proportions are no longer right, elegance goes out the window and you soon end up with something that looks not unlike a floating wedding cake.

So what can be done? Abeking & Rasmussen offer a solution which sounds a bit like squaring the circle: a yacht line with the layout of a 75-metre yacht, but on a 68-metre platform. This spatial range developed by Focus Yacht Design pursues the aim of creating the perfect balance between functional rooms and activity rooms. As a result of this principle, the ship gains in measurable and perceivable size. Its interior offers more space, light and comfort in practically profligate abundance, without any loss of external elegance. Sometimes, you see, less size is actually more.

Date 23. January 2023
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