Reymond Langton Design über die neue Motoryacht Aviva


Abeking & Rasmussen: What has been the challenge?

Reymond Langton Design: There have been many challenges with designing AVIVA possibly the most challenging was designing the entire yacht, exterior and interior in six months which is half the time we would normally have for a yacht of this size. We had to do this as the yacht was built in such a short time, one year less than usual. This yacht was designed from a blank sheet of paper and is particularly complex inside and out which added to the challenge.

As with the previous AVIVA the yacht has an enormous volume for the length so one challenge was to make the yacht look long and sleek and at the same time we had to make her look totally different from the previous AVIVA and different any other yacht out there, she had to be ‘unique’.

The single biggest design challenge was to integrate a full size Padel tennis court/sports hall inside the yacht without ishaving any detrimental effect to the general interior layout and flow. It is possibly the single largest room on any yacht, it is vast however making a tour of the yacht you would not know it was there until you descend the grand staircase to the bottom deck and ‘wham’ the sight of this cavernous hall makes your jaw drop!

A&R: What has been different compared to other design requests?

RLD: For the interior design, the owner’s brief was to have a very different look very curvaceous the request was to use no wood so we had to find interesting yet practical materials to use as an alternative. We decided to use this brief to create a very sculptural almost organic interior, it was so much fun to design as it is nothing like anything we have done before. AVIVA is not like other yachts which are often designed for relatively short holidays and/or charter, AVIVA is designed as a permanent home on the sea. A focus of design was ‘luxury of space’, all the rooms are very large with high ceilings, from guest cabins to the saloons, they are much larger than on other yachts of the same length.

A&R: Many thanks.

RLD: Thank you.

Datum 15. Juli 2018
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